Naked and Proud is family run business in Boyertown, PA.

With health issues mounting and endless inconclusive medical tests, KayAnn still had no clear answers as to why there was so much pain in her body. Luckily a friend took her to a Naturalpath Doctor. It was then that KayAnn was surprised to learn that the food she was eating was causing the problems. Issues such as inflammation, hormonal imbalances and even heart arrhythmia could all be linked to her eating habits. Shortly after changing her diet, the family noticed a total improvment in her health. They all got on the same diet and they too saw drastic improvements in the way they felt.

Our family has made it our mission to help others by providing Organic, Non-GMO and Gluten Free Foods. We are dedicated to offering items that will work to improve your health. The majority of our products are sourced locally and help the local community as well as ensure uncompromising quality. KayAnn spent much time traveling to get the food she needed to live pain free and healthy. Now with Naked and Proud right around the corner you now have access to the these same foods and ingredients all under one roof.